About Us

Smart Containers Group is a Swiss-based high-tech company that provides the safest temperature-controlled containers to transport sensitive pharma goods and food around the world. Our goal is to safely transport sensitive goods and ensure no-one ever receives a compromised product. The unique combination of cutting-edge hardware, highly efficient software and unique services has made Smart Containers Group to a rapidly growing service provider and highly attractive investment object.


Nico Ros

CTO & Co-Founder

Richard Ettl

CEO & Co-Founder

Andreas Ernst


Carla Bünger

Business Development Manager

Thomas Taroni

Head of IT

The Smart Containers team includes over 80 people.

Initial Coin Offering Partners

Oliver Bussmann

Strategic Advisor

Marc Bettinger

Strategic Advisor,
Altcoin Analyst and Trader

Michael Guzik

Blockchain Technology Partner

Wachsman PR

David Wachsman

Communication Advisor, Founder & CEO Wachsman PR

Gabriela Hauser

Legal Advisor

Yannick Zehnder

Community Manager

Dr. Fabian Schär

Strategic Blockchain Advisor


Community & Bounty program Management


Marcos Benitez

Community Manager

Temperature sensitive logistics. Revolutionized.
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